Monday, September 23, 2013

Feeling a change in the weather and the bite!

Loving the change in the weather, hope I'm not jinxing it by bragging on the cooler temps but I am enjoying these 55 and 60 degree mornings. With the changes in the weather changes in the patterns should start soon, stripers and white bass will start going shallow early in the morning chasing shad, top water baits and swim baits will be the ticket. The fall is another spring type pattern and going shallow for big fish is a blast but don't go if you have a weak heart. :) When you get double digit fish blowing up in the quite of a sunrise it can be quite alarming, no pun intended. The cooler surface temps will deplete the oxygen from the thermocline and for a few days the fishing will slow some but that is where I start using cut shad. After a morning of throwing top water up shallow and the sun starts getting up in the sky back off on main lake points and humps and cut big gizzard shad and make long casts up on these humps and ledges, windy days are a must to move the scent. I use Garcias 6000 and 6500's with the clicker, anchor up, make long casts up on the structure, put a lot of slack in your line keep your reel disengaged then turn the clicker on and place in a rod holder. The striper will pick up the bait and make a long run. The best and hardest thing to do and NOT do is let him run, DON'T SET THE HOOK, when the stripers stops reel down to let the rod load up and cross his eyes. For this type fishing I use a khale or live bait hook instead of the circle hook. A great way to put big fish in the boat! Book your fall trips now and remember we do have gift certificates available for Christmas, Birthdays, and special events, entice your sales team, reward your employees or set up safety incentives, offer them a guided fishing trip and see sales and production go up and accidents go down. Contact me (Randy Routh) at 817-822-5539 for more info. As always may God Bless you and hope someday soon to "C Ya on the Water!"