Monday, July 13, 2015

Fishing and boat ramp report for July 2015.

The Lake is still appx 3' high and the COE Parks remain closed at the time of this blog. Some of the Marinas and lodges have opened their ramps for public access. Harbor Master Marina, Uncle Gus Marina, I think Lake Whitney Marina is open as well, and Little Rocky Lodge is open but for guests of the Lodge only. The striper bite is awesome right now and will only get better as the water temps rise. You can still catch fish on live bait but I can generally catch more fish and faster on artificials this time of year due to it mainly being a reaction strike bite. A lot of times the fish will either feed late at night or in the early morning then shut down, that is when the reaction strike comes into effect. I tell people it's kind of like a cat walking by a dog, if it walks it may or may not get bit. But if he ever takes off running the dogs natural instinct takes over and he's after the cat! Same way with the stripers, they may have a full belly, or just lethargic from the warm water temps but run an artificial bait by his nose and yank it away and their God givin instinct kicks in and the reach out and inhale it. Catching a lot of fish from the 2013 stocking and their averaging from 18" up to 22" with a few double digit fish thrown in the mix. Having some really fast action and keeping this ole boy busy! You really ought to come get you some and enjoy not only caching fish but the beautiful scenery at Lake Whitney! God Bless you and hope some day soon to, " C Ya one the Water!"
Pro Guide, Randy Routh