Friday, February 10, 2006


I have recently added Catfish as another target species to my Guide Service due to the growing popularity and the many requests we recieve to go Catfishin. If you have never caught a big ole cat in shallow water you don't know what your missing. Not only is it a great Family sport and an awesome way to introduce kids to fishing but puts some good groceries on the table. Come on down and lets go cattin around. :-)

Redneck Tee shirts in Georgia.

I recieved an e-mail from georgia stating that a couple where seen there sporting Team Redneck tee shirts and taking pictures off a Mudders/off road competition and they are wanting to know if they can get copies of pictures. I have no ideal who the people where with the Redneck Guide Service Tee shirts but if you read this and want to share the photos e-mail me and I will forward.

Friends and Family Reunion 2006

We are getting ready for Friends and Family 2006 at Lake Whitney. Be sure and make your reservations at your fav spot. It will be June 17 and 18 at camp redneck. Saturday evening will be the fish fry and jam around the camp fire. Hope to see you there this year. You can go to our Camp Redneck site at for more information and directions.