Monday, March 05, 2007

Whitney Blues.

Man O man the cats are biting at Whitney. I took Andy Loyd of Laguna Park out Catfishing and we anchored up after setting out several jug lines. Could not stay on anchor due to the Blue Ctas nailing the baited Juglines and having to go chase them. They are up shallow and gorging on Shad, if you have never caught big Catfish shallow you should try it. Not only is it a lot of fun but puts some great table fare on the dinner table. For more info call 817-822-5539

Hog Wild

Just to let everyone know I am now conducting Wild Hog hunts. They are 75.00 per person per day with a 2 person or 150.00 minimum and 4 person max, no limit, no kill fee, no trophy fee. You kill it you clean it. I have blinds and feeders and plenty of Hogs. The hunts are conducted on a 1300 acre Ranch near Glenrose Texas. No accommodations at the Ranch, there is a motel or Hotel about 15 minutes away. Call 817-822-5539 for more info. I will add a Hog Wild page to my web site soon.