Monday, March 21, 2005

Update on the bite at Whitney.

Things are looking good, catching magnum sand bass mixed with stripers on artificial. They are spawning on this up coming full moon and this bite should last around a month. The stripers are going shallow, the water temp is 57 and at 60 degrees it is top water time. Big Fish on explosive top water action. DON'T GO IF YOU HAVE A WEAK HEART. LOL. This is my favorite time to fish. If you haven't seen it check the article in Striped Bass magazine, see it at . Texas Outdoor Journal will be in my boat in the near future and will be featuring me and Lake Aquilla in an upcoming Sand Bass article, I will post that on my web as soon as available. God bless you all and hope to, See yah on the water!!! Whup, fish on, gotta run........................Git the net!!!!