Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The winter bite is on!

The water temps are dropping and the bait fish are being forced from the shallows and are ganging up in a safety in numbers type deal. The Stripers and Sand Bass are merging into larger schools, chasing and trapping the shad (bait fish) to either the surface or into cuts and coves along the shore and are gorging on them. When this happens the Sea Gulls will start diving and feeding on the bait that is being pushed to the surface. A good pair of optics come in handy at this time of year.
I am using either slabs or soft plastic to target these schooling fish and am catching limits of fish on every trip. The larger Stripers are starting to show up, most are averaging between 20 to
22 inches with a few 5 to 7 LB and larger fish thrown in the mix. I also like to put down some Danny Kings punch bait on rod and reel while catching the Stripers and Sandies as big Blue Cats will move in under the schooling fish and feed on what they drop. To learn more about these fishing techniques, give me a call and come to Lake Whitney.
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May God Bless you and yours and I hope to,
"C Ya on the water."
Randy Routh

Team Redneck goes Hollywood???

What a year we have experienced at Lake Whitney, the rains and floods brought a new look to the lake this year in 2007. At one point we where 23' high and rising. All the ramps and parks where closed and the lake looked like a ghost town. I found a place where I was able to launch my boat and meet clients and be able to fish. The Egrets had made a rookery of sorts out on an island and when the flood waters rose up in the trees it created a natural chum line that drew in the Catfish.

This had to be one of the, if the not the absolute best rod and reel Catfish bites ever experienced. I called a friend of mine, outdoor journalist Luke Clayton, and told him, "Luke,you had better come get ya some."

Wasn't long before Luke and some folks from Catfish Gold magazine and Danny King's punch bait found there way to Lake Whitney. What a day on the water, one of those days you dream about. The bite was on and we had a blast, catching doubles and triples of Channel Cats and Blues, all on Danny Kings punch bait. The scenery with all the birds in the flooded trees was something many people would travel the world to see, it was a tropical setting in Texas, and a memory I will never forget.

My Team Redneck Guide Service ended up being spotlighted in over 58 newspapers, 2 magazines, and a TV show with Fox Four's anchor, Richard Ray. Also a made for TV commercial with the Catfish Gold Girls for Catfish Gold Magazine and Danny Kings punch bait was shot. A big thank you goes out to Melvin Bush with Pro-Striper Guide service for furnishing the chase boat for the camera crew. You can see these from my website, http://www.teamredneck.net/, just click on the links.

I will be doing 2 more TV shows this March with the fine folks from Ark-La-Tx Sportsman Outdoors show and one more with Fox Four's Richard Ray.

And as always, may God Bless you and hope to,

C Ya on the water.

Pro Guide,

Randy Routh

Gift Certificates.

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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and as always may God Bless you and we hope to,
C Ya on the water!
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