Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Pattern, weather's Hot and so is the Catching!!!!

The fishing remains awesome on Whitney with limit coming in daily. Most fish are in the 19 to 22" range with some double digit fish being thrown in the mix. The thermocline has sat in around 30' and the fish are above it chasing large schools of baitfish on the flats. I am using white 1/2oz buck tail jigs from with white 7" striper sniper worm trailers from   under downriggers and able to keep up with these schools of bait chasing roaming stripers. Fast and furious action and a ton of fun. Also by running downriggers there is always a breeze and with the canopy up we have a shade to fish under on these hot dog days of summer. TPWD reported that Whitney is the HOTTEST Striper lake in Texas and they are not wrong, they also said we have more fish than any historical record  and that is not hard to believe seeing the huge schools of fish on my graph. Great to see all the boats on the lake and all the businesses thriving around the lake due to the awesome fishing, not just stripers but all species. If you have thought about checking Whitney out and getting on an awesome striper bite you ought to come get ya some. Give me a shout at 817-822-5539 and come on and get in the boat, experience Texas Striper fishing at its finest!  Gotta run, fish on! get the net!!!! As always May God Bless you and hope someday soon to, See Ya on the Water!
Randy Routh

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fishing is awesome and we have more fish than ever!

Every Saturday and Sunday I am on Brian Hughes Texas Fishing and Outdoors radio show giving reports for Lake Whitney. I've been telling him and the listeners that I think we have more fish or as many fish as back in the hay days of the 80's and 90's. (KRLD 1080 am or on tune in radio app 5 - 7 am on Saturday and 5-6 am Sundays) Well I finally  took the time to look it up and it is official. Per Texas Parks and Wildlife we have more fish than any historical record, that is all species across the board with the exception of Brim and Small-mouth bass. Love it when I'm right! Catching has been awesome all year , speaking of stripers, but really all species. Black Bass fishers are experiencing an exceptional year, the Crappie fishing has been excellent, cat-fishers are reporting great catches and the Stripers!!! Hold on to your hat, son we have been hammering the stripers. Catching limits every trip out and catching big fish to boot! Fishing a post spawn pattern right now and the fish we are catching are really starting to put on  the pounds, gorging on gizzard shad fattening back up from the spawn. This pattern will hold out for a while then get into a summer pattern, fishing above the thermocline. Check out my web or go by my Facebook at Team Redneck Striper Guide Service Lake Whitney and check out some of my posts and live videos. Better yet give me a shout at 817-822-5539 and come get ya some, some of this Hot Action! You wont be disappointed!  My half day trips are for 4 hours but I don't watch a clock in fact I get so excited and caught up in the action I usually keep folks out longer! If we limit early we can catch and release (if the water temp allow and we are not killing fish) if not we will tie on slabs from  and go whack some sand bass!  If you have never been on Whitney you are in for a treat, probably one of the, if not the most scenic Lakes in Texas with its tall white bluffs, clear blue water with clean water and shorelines, You don't see a lot of houses and boat docks on the waters edge, the homes are built so many yards from the shore and C.O.E. only issued X amount of permits for boat slips. Come visit Beautiful lake Whitney and get in my boat and allow me to introduce you to Texas Best Fishing!!! As always,
May God Bless you and hope some day soon to
" See Ya on the Water!"

Pro Guide

Randy  Routh

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Fishing is Hot,!

Fishing or should I say catching remains awesome on Whitney. You can still catch stripers using or winter technique of strolling, slow trolling jigs and umbrella rigs through these big schools of stripers. Live Bait is producing larger spawning fish that are fat full of eggs and/or milt. Drifting flats with our baits just off the bottom and wearing out big fish. Won't be long till these fish go shallow and when that happens don't go if you have a weak heart!!! You ought to come get ya some!  Hope to see ya on the water!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall bite as hot as Summer!

The catching remains awesome on Whitney. Catching big stripers on artificial baits and limits daily. Actually have a pending junior angler lake record that was caught in my boat this month by a proud and deserving young man. Give me a shout and come on down, this pattern will hold for a couple more weeks barring a strong cold front. Fall is in the Air and it's time to be in the outdoors! God Bless ya and hope some day soon to "see ya on the water!"

Friday, June 17, 2016

June 2016, lakes flooded and fishings hot!

Despite Whitney being flooded the fishing is hot, hot, hot! The stripers and sandbass are schooling up on top early on and having an absolute fishing rodeo on top water. After that Im backing off and catching fish above flooded willows. If catfish is your game, have I got a deal for you. pretty unique bite on the channel cats, with the island flooded and over run with nesting Egrets it makes a perfect storm for loading the boat with good eating size channel cats. Give me a shout, stripers, sand bass, catfish, lets go catch em up. God Bless  and hope to see ya on the water!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cold weather hot fishing!

The fishing has heated up on Whitney! The water temp has dropped, the shad have ganged up in a safety in numbers type deal and the stripers are gorging on them. It's all bout putting on weight this time of year, fattening up for the winter in preparation for the spawn. The fish are healthy already putting on egg and milt sacks. The birds are making it easy to locate the fish most days and just having an absolute blast catching them. It's not uncommon to have 100 fish days this time of year. Now's the time to be on the water! Less boats mean less pressure and more fish! You ought to come get ya some!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Stripers on Top! Don't go if you have a weak heart!

Whitney is on fire right now, the stripers have gone shallow and we are catching them in 2 to 6' of water on top water baits and swim baits. If you have never done this you really should come get ya some! Nothing like a big striper blowing up at the boat right under you on a big bait and screaming line out! Just don't go if you have a weak heart!
 The sand bass are schooling up all over the lake, this is a great way to break the kids into fishing. A lot of fast action and they don't have time to get bored. Pretty exciting to see a 1/2 acre of fish boiling the water. Don't wait, the time is now. Come on down and let's load the boat! God Bless you and hope some day soon to " See Ya on the Water!"