Friday, December 14, 2018

Winter Fishing on fire!!!

     Just when you think fishing on Whitney can't get any better here comes the winter bite and it is awesome. The baitfish (shad) are being forced out of the creeks due to the colder water temps will kill them. Out on the main lake they gather up in a safety in numbers type deal for survival. The satellite schools of stripers we target during the spring summer and fall gang up and trap the shad to the surface allowing the Gulls to dive and feed on them helping fishers to locate the fish. Huge schools of gorging fish equals to great days on the water. Another pattern is to look in the mouths of creeks. As the shad migrate out of the colder creeks the stripers (and other predator fish) will trap and gorge on them between the colder shallower water and the open water.   As per T.P.W.D. Whitney has more fish than any historical Record and is the hottest striper lake in Texas!
   Bundle up, its cold on the water but you warm up quickly on the fast action. Lead heads and soft plastics are the trick right now, just remember, when you think your fishing slow enough, slow down some more.
 I'm offering gift certificates again this year but instead of charging full price at the time of purchase, I am only charging 100.00 deposit with the remainder due prior to the day of the trip. That way your not out the full price right before Christmas, that and I still get a pay check when the trip is taken, win, win!.
You really should come experience Whitney at it's finest, you can reach me at 817-822-5539 or at my email As always, May God bless you and hope some day soon to
 "See ya on the water!"                               

Monday, May 21, 2018

Fishing remains about as good as one could ask for. Still catching stripers on live shad and catching some big fish to boot. Most days catching fast limits then catching and releasing fish or saving 1 or 2 from a limit and going in search of a big fish. This pattern will remain until the water temps come up then I'll switch over to artificial baits like the Buck tail jigs and Snake worm trailers from   another jig I recently picked up and am anxious to use is the G Eye Jig from both companies make great products and I am proud to be associated with. While I'm talking lure companies, makes a great line of baits from slabs for white bass, hybrids and stripers, to jig heads and swim baits, their baits stand up to the punishment.
 I have been locating most of my fish along or in the river channel, using my Graph and GPS to locate structure along the channel edge and catching my fish as the come out of deep water up on a hump or ledge to feed. Give me a shout and lets go catching! As always may God bless you and hope someday soon to, "See Ya on the Water

Randy 817-822-5539

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April update on Lake Whitney! Fishing is awesome on Whitney just wish we could get in a decent weather pattern and stay there. These cold fronts and high winds are getting old, and cold! Decent Top Water bite some days but haven't just turned on real strong up shallow yet. Coming off the full moon and warmer temps should trigger a shad spawn and draw in the big post spawn stripers to gorge on the shad. Don't go if you have a weak heart! Nothing like big fish blowing up on top in shallow water!
 Fresh live shad is the ticket right now on catching stripers on Whitney, a tank full of live frisky bait will load the boat on Linesiders!
 Took some time off due to sold our home in Meridian and bought a home 2 miles from the boat ramp, yes!!! 2 miles from the boat ramp. In saying that I am ready to roll at a moments notice so give me a shout and lets go catching. Now that we own 2 homes at Whitney we are offering up our cabin at Camp Redneck for rent to clients and vacationers! Beautiful 1 bedroom cabin with sofa in the living room that folds out to a queen size bed with a new memory foam mattress. Full kitchen, full size shower, big covered patio with outdoor fireplace, grill and Tiki bar. Another fire pit in the back yard. You can go by our Camp redneck page on Facebook and check out the pictures. Or look it up on VRBO. Search Cozy Cabin Comfort at Camp Redneck Deluxe on VRBO, Vacation Rental By Owner! 
 Back in full action caching a lot of fish and looking forward to another great season of hammering the fish on one of the most scenic settings in Texas! beautiful Lake Whitney, the only blue water lake in Texas! As always may god Bless you and hope some day soon to, "See Ya on the Water!"

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hopefully things are cooling off, But not the fishing!

Fishing remains awesome on Whitney. Getting into a top water bite early on the stripers and it is a blast. This will be an off and on bite depending on the weather and shad spawns. The reaction strike is still producing a lot of fish and some good solid fish too. Locating fish on road beds, ledges and edges and catching them on 1/2 oz Buck-tail jigs with a 7"  Lemon Lime or white worm trailer from If you haven't used these trailers you need to. Their action is awesome and something about the Lemon Lime the stripers just love to tear up! When ordering you can use my code Whitney15  and get a 15% discount! I am also offering a cast and blast or just a Day Dove Hunt. I furnish the decoys, mojos and dog for fetching. Nothing like linesiders by morning and wing shooting by afternoon! Come get ya some. As always, May God Bless you and hope some day soon to, See Ya on the Water!

Pro Guide
Randy Routh

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Starting September 1, 2017 !!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Pattern, weather's Hot and so is the Catching!!!!

The fishing remains awesome on Whitney with limit coming in daily. Most fish are in the 19 to 22" range with some double digit fish being thrown in the mix. The thermocline has sat in around 30' and the fish are above it chasing large schools of baitfish on the flats. I am using white 1/2oz buck tail jigs from with white 7" striper sniper worm trailers from   under downriggers and able to keep up with these schools of bait chasing roaming stripers. Fast and furious action and a ton of fun. Also by running downriggers there is always a breeze and with the canopy up we have a shade to fish under on these hot dog days of summer. TPWD reported that Whitney is the HOTTEST Striper lake in Texas and they are not wrong, they also said we have more fish than any historical record  and that is not hard to believe seeing the huge schools of fish on my graph. Great to see all the boats on the lake and all the businesses thriving around the lake due to the awesome fishing, not just stripers but all species. If you have thought about checking Whitney out and getting on an awesome striper bite you ought to come get ya some. Give me a shout at 817-822-5539 and come on and get in the boat, experience Texas Striper fishing at its finest!  Gotta run, fish on! get the net!!!! As always May God Bless you and hope someday soon to, See Ya on the Water!
Randy Routh

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fishing is awesome and we have more fish than ever!

Every Saturday and Sunday I am on Brian Hughes Texas Fishing and Outdoors radio show giving reports for Lake Whitney. I've been telling him and the listeners that I think we have more fish or as many fish as back in the hay days of the 80's and 90's. (KRLD 1080 am or on tune in radio app 5 - 7 am on Saturday and 5-6 am Sundays) Well I finally  took the time to look it up and it is official. Per Texas Parks and Wildlife we have more fish than any historical record, that is all species across the board with the exception of Brim and Small-mouth bass. Love it when I'm right! Catching has been awesome all year , speaking of stripers, but really all species. Black Bass fishers are experiencing an exceptional year, the Crappie fishing has been excellent, cat-fishers are reporting great catches and the Stripers!!! Hold on to your hat, son we have been hammering the stripers. Catching limits every trip out and catching big fish to boot! Fishing a post spawn pattern right now and the fish we are catching are really starting to put on  the pounds, gorging on gizzard shad fattening back up from the spawn. This pattern will hold out for a while then get into a summer pattern, fishing above the thermocline. Check out my web or go by my Facebook at Team Redneck Striper Guide Service Lake Whitney and check out some of my posts and live videos. Better yet give me a shout at 817-822-5539 and come get ya some, some of this Hot Action! You wont be disappointed!  My half day trips are for 4 hours but I don't watch a clock in fact I get so excited and caught up in the action I usually keep folks out longer! If we limit early we can catch and release (if the water temp allow and we are not killing fish) if not we will tie on slabs from  and go whack some sand bass!  If you have never been on Whitney you are in for a treat, probably one of the, if not the most scenic Lakes in Texas with its tall white bluffs, clear blue water with clean water and shorelines, You don't see a lot of houses and boat docks on the waters edge, the homes are built so many yards from the shore and C.O.E. only issued X amount of permits for boat slips. Come visit Beautiful lake Whitney and get in my boat and allow me to introduce you to Texas Best Fishing!!! As always,
May God Bless you and hope some day soon to
" See Ya on the Water!"

Pro Guide

Randy  Routh

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Fishing is Hot,!

Fishing or should I say catching remains awesome on Whitney. You can still catch stripers using or winter technique of strolling, slow trolling jigs and umbrella rigs through these big schools of stripers. Live Bait is producing larger spawning fish that are fat full of eggs and/or milt. Drifting flats with our baits just off the bottom and wearing out big fish. Won't be long till these fish go shallow and when that happens don't go if you have a weak heart!!! You ought to come get ya some!  Hope to see ya on the water!